Uninspired: An Abandonment Post

So, it’s been a while.

There are a few reasons why I haven’t posted for a couple of months, but in this post I’m going to target the main one: feeling uninspired.

It’s a feeling that “creative” people get a lot. I have had no good ideas for this blog, and so have had no motivation, and thus there’s been no posts. It’s a vicious cycle. I realise that it’s possibly only me that’s noticed this absence, but it’s been playing on the back on my mind for months. So, I’m here to explain to myself more than anyone, why it’s okay to take a break.

I enjoy writing and giving my opinion on things – that’s something that people who know me would agree with. But lately, I’ve had no inspiration whatsoever, and my creative side has quite literally taken a backseat in everything I’ve done. I haven’t read for months, I haven’t written for months, even my media coursework was making me feel nothing, and I hate that.

Then it happened. The other day, the little spark of creativity started in me. It began when I saw It on Saturday night, which was one of the most visually stunning and well thought out films I’ve seen in a long time. Then, this spark grew when I realised my media coursework was being put on the backburner because I hated it, so I decided to scrap it and go with another idea. At first, I came up with nothing. But once that idea formed, I genuinely wanted to create again, and that felt amazing.

This doesn’t mean regular posts will resume as normal. I might post for a couple of months then disappear again, but that’s okay. I’ve realised that sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration to help inspire me again. And for now, I am most definitely inspired.

Always, Drew xxx

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