Why University Open Days are Incredibly Important

So I was slightly AWOL last Friday.

The reason why I didn’t post is because I was in Manchester for an open day, and when I got back I was exhausted – very sorry about that. But going to Manchester (and Nottingham today) gave me a good idea for a blog post: all about university open days.

Strangely enough, I picked the course I wanted to do at university two years ago, and I haven’t changed my mind since (English literature with creative writing, in case you were wondering). I know a lot of people have no idea what they want to do at university, or if they even want to go, but for me, I’ve been looking since I was around 14. University always seemed like some kind of freedom and a new challenge for me, so I’ve been excited to go for years.

Currently, I’ve been to the open days for the University of Manchester and the University of Nottingham, then I have Newcastle University and Northumbria tomorrow (as I’m writing this), and Staffordshire University later on in August. I was deadset on Manchester, but after visiting Nottingham today I’m not sure, as I fell in love with Nottingham. And with three universities yet to visit, I’m yet to make any fast decisions.

Back to the point, I wanted to have a brief chat about universities, and the importance of  visiting open days. It’s incredibly important to research universities beforehand, and stats and figures may mean something to you, but the real challenge is going to the place and seeing if you can see yourself there. For me, as I sat outside Lakeside Arts Centre at Nottingham today and looked around, I could see myself there.

It’s not just the campus too. If there are city tours, go on them. You’re going to be living in this place for three or more years, so you need to work out if the city/town is right for you. We went on a city bus tour today in Nottingham, and I loved every bit of it. It turned out it wasn’t just the campus I could see myself in, it was the city too. I loved it.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for today, otherwise I’ll go off on a tangent about how much I loved Nottingham. As I said, there’s still three more unis – I might change my mind (again)! Just to emphasise though, go on open days. I wasn’t sure on going to Nottingham today, and after visiting, I can’t believe I ever thought of just not going. It’s so crucial to see the places you’re applying to, and I can’t stress that enough.

Always, Drew xxx

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