A New Beginning

So here I am.

After years of failed (and consequently, deleted) blogs, I’m here. In my own space, doing what I want to do. I’d like to think of this blog as a sort-of shared diary. I want a place that I can look back on to see all my old memories, and all my best days out and the like, but I also want a place that other people can share these memories and learn with me.

With only a half term left until summer, I decided it’s about time to set myself up somewhere that I can post about, and therefore remember, this coming summer. However, this blog will also be honest – my A-levels are coming up next year so I can’t promise that this will always be a stress-free, happy zone. But that’s just life. How good is a blog that is constantly optimistic and unrealistic?

I’m not going to lie and say this will be some state-of-the art, ultra creative, never seen before blog – it’s pretty standard. But I can promise it will be a place of personal expression, from fashion posts to cooking to book reviews, all done in my own way, and I hope you too enjoy the ride with me.

Always, Drew xxx


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